Making the Puzzles

rubics cube.jpg

When it comes to escape rooms, an important part of the game is puzzles. You can have a room that makes you feel like you’re in another world, but if you don’t have fun, challenging, and creative puzzles to solve, then all of your decorations and props will be pointless! Immersiveness alone does not make a good escape room.

The best puzzles force you to make observations, put things together, and think in a different way in order to find the solution. The answer is almost never immediately apparent, but if you think about the different possibilities, you can usually find it staring you right in the face! Coming up with engaging riddles and puzzles for people to solve is always a joy, and it’s even more fun to see people figure them out!

Finding a balance between challenging and easy is also important. When you solve a good puzzle, you should think “How did I not get that sooner?”, rather than “How was I ever supposed to get that?” That glorious “Aha!” moment can be the most satisfying feeling after spending so much time and effort trying to figure a puzzle out. That’s the reason escape rooms are so fun, and that’s why it’s important to make escape rooms that are both immersive AND puzzling!