Picking the Themes

zombie door.jpg

Our escape rooms take you to places and time periods you could only ever see in movies, from a sinking submarine in the 1800’s to a scientist’s lab in a zombie apocalypse! Because of the wide variety of themes, people always ask where these exotic ideas come from. You would think we do hours of research to find crazy themes to do, but the answer is actually much simpler: I just draw from what I’m already interested in!

As a kid, I always loved reading comic books and hearing adventurous stories about explorers, detectives, or even history!. That passion has only been fed by my favorite movies that put those stories on the big screen. I draw from that passion when I create my rooms. I think to myself, “if I were doing an escape room, where would I want to go?” Then I design a room to make that happen! Most of the rooms have been heavily influenced by movies and stories I love, which means stepping into each room is like stepping into those stories!

This has allowed the different escape rooms to be an interesting and memorable experience for everybody. The exotic themes capture your imagination and throw you into a fun story that you won’t forget!