Sherlock Solution

Moriarty has set up a clever little trap in a warehouse on the river Thames. He has "graciously" given you an hour before the ending that could be quite... Explosive.

Room Completion Rate (COMING SOON)

* % completion without clues

The Bat Cave Conundrum

Deep in the bowels of the Bat Cave lurks the Joker, and he knows something you don't. Are you up for the challenge to find out? 

Room Completion Rate: 16%*

* % completion without clues

*Must be booked at least one day in advance. For day-of bookings: please call (402) 250-2300 for availability

Zombie Apocalypse (Fri/Sat/Sun)

*Minimum 6 persons*

The Zombie virus has spread, even to the scientists closest to the cure. It is up to you and your fellow survivors to finish it before they get you.

Room Completion Rate: 1%*

* % completion without clues

20,000 Leaks Under The Sea

The Nautilus crew is in trouble and they're depending on you to save the ship. Use your MacGyver like skills to rescue yourselves from near certain death.

Room Completion Rate: 28%*

* % completion without clues

Rescuing The Revolution

Take a trip back in time to aid our nation's founders as we encounter a fellow revolutionary and discover whether he is friend or foe.

Room Completion Rate: 29%*

* % completion without clues

Saving Lincoln

Match your wits to the likes of John Wilkes Booth to play a part in the changing of history. Take advantage as an opportunity like this so rarely comes along!

Room Completion Rate: 24%*

* % completion without clues

Tomb Of Doom

King Tut's Tomb was nothing compared to this. Use your wits and deductive reasoning to solve the problems and lift the curse.

Room Completion Rate: 11%*

* % completion without clues